Introducing our new HUKI Tandem Z, two person Outrigger Canoe! We've been testing and adjusting her since September 2004 in the Northern California WaveChaser Races and in Southern California's racing circuit...She's a hit! ...Dead center, bulls eye!

Jerry Montgomery digitally designed/calculated her with the aid of a computer and shaped her by hand. I provided the concept, performance parameters and other details to conform to. We work so well together, I'm proud to say, but Jerry is the genius that makes the incredible happen.

Our new Tandem Z is the most versatile OC2 available and has the most advanced dual steering mechanism ever made. When it comes to speed, the Tandem Z is slightly faster in flats than our previous HUKI V2-A and is way faster than anything else you can race against. She has a great deal more control in rough water than our V2-A, she doesn't broach as easily as the V2-A at the crest, allowing you to surf waves at a diagonal. Her rudder will seldom leave the water on a steep face, and the stem is high enough to keep her nose up when you bottom out in the trough. The Tandem Z is lighter and smaller, being only 24 feet long and with less "free board" (boat above the water). She has less rocker than our V2-A, but enough so that she's a Hawaiian water sweet heart and will make a splash there very soon.

The HUKI Tandem Z is probably the single most comfortable OC2 in the world right now. We've placed the bottom of the heels on the very bottom of the canoe to produce a more natural sitting position. The footwells fit very nicely to the heels and calves and allow paddlers to use the legs and feet to balance the canoe, which takes stress off of the o'kole in rough conditions. This ergonomic fit and spreading of body stress, allows the paddlers greater control of stability with instantaneous and minimal movements. The cockpits fit like a glove, your bodies becoming one with the canoe...No kidding. And, with this fine footwell fit, there's no room for excess water to collect and less for the venturies to drain.

The Tandem Z ama is smaller and shorter than our V2-A ama, having the front iako between the two cockpits and the rear iako behind the aft cockpit. This means, less drag from a long waterline and less weight from a long ama and less ama for a wave to grab a hold of to push the canoe around. The ama and iako have a totally new assembly for us, no more knobs. The aluminum iako set attaches to the canoe and ama with snap buttons and adjusts for beam and roll. (width and tilt).

The dual steering station system uses two sets of pedals and cables. The two sets of steering cables can be easily detached at the steering pedals or at the rudder yoke without using ANY tools. The system is uniquely HUKI and a patent is being applied for. You can choose which steering station will be disengaged while sitting in the canoe out on the water, by loosening the retainer bungee and sliding the steering cable out of the pedal slot. You can also disengage steering stations from the steering yoke by removing the retainer clips and displacing the two steering cables from the yoke pins.

LOA 24' -BOA 17"
Static waterline length w/ 360 lb payload 23'
Ama LOA 8'

Weights include ama and iako set:
38 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Kev)
42 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Carb) "Double Carbon"
45 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Glass) "Carbon"
49 Lb (Vac'd Glass/Glass)
65 Lb (Non-Vac'd Fiberglass) "Glass"

6" & 5" stow w/bag adds .75 Lb.... 4" adds half a pound.
Printed Fabric inlays add between half a pound and three pounds, depending on size. "Some" fancy paint jobs could add weight.
Second steering station adds 2 pounds.
Carbon inlays don't add weight.
Other options may add several ounces.


All of our water testing so far, has been done with our best competitor's boat along side. We've beaten or matched it in every condition, especially on the surfing run. I also have to make it clear that our "best competitor" is our previous HUKI V2-A, although we have been testing under real race conditions against other OC2s since September. Jude

Congratulations to Chris Owens, Joe Bober, Eric Starnes and John Burke for powering the HUKI Tandem Z to First OC-2 over all and first boat to finish at the Catalina Challenge.

Congratulations to Willard Lane, Scott Bryan, Walter Kamfonic and Dale Hernandez for powering the Tandem Z to Second OC-2 over all at the Catalina Challenge.

Congratulations to Judy Barker, Cathy Newton, Yoko McMillan and Karen Beattey for powering the Tandem Z to First Women's OC-2 at the Catalina Challenge.

Congratulations to John Green and Jim Gannon for powering the Tandem Z to first OC2 over all canoes in the Santa Cruz WaveChaser Long Course Race, just three days after the world record big wave ride was recorded just a few miles away. Jim said, "We've never surfed so well ever before, passing all of the OC1s and all but a hand full of the surf skis on the surfing leg." John said, "It was rock-solid-stable." Most OC2s don't surf as well as OC1s.

Congratulations to Rhonda Gannon and Kelly Kalafatich for powering the Tandem Z to First Women's OC2 in the long course at the same Santa Cruz WaveChaser, finishing ahead of all other men, except John and Jim.

Congratulations to Geoff Briggs and Bob Stuart for being first to finish over all boats in a recent Willamette River Outrigger Canoe Race on Geoff's brand new Tandem Z. Geoff had just received his new HUKI an hour before the race and combed the beach for someone to race with him. He teamed with Bob and the rest is history. Geoff said, "It glides between strokes, doesn't die, and allows for a relaxed pace to propel the canoe at very high speeds." Geoff added, "It's obviously just a rocket!" Geoff Briggs and Bob Stuart continued racing together in succeeding races through the season, later capturing the ORCA Winter Series Championship for OC-2.

Congratulations to Dee Van Winkle and his partner, Jim for finishing First OC-2 over all in San Diego.

Congratulations to Willard Lane and Jim for finishing First OC-2 over all in the Malibu to Marina Championships. And Congratulations to Linda Banfield and myself (Jude Turczynski) for finishing First Coed OC-2, and second shortest time for an OC-2. Big Maui Style wind driven white capped swell pushed us along at some break-neck speeds, catching some great and memorable "right hand diagonal rides" on seas that hit 7-8 feet. Best time I've ever had on an OC-2! Linda pushed me all the way across.

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