2010 HUKI V1-R (OC-1):

Totally redesigned in January of 2010, the new HUKI V1-R is our Big Water canoe that is capable of handling the full range of paddlers from small people to paddlers over 250 pounds, in the largest seas down to flat water. The V1-R is aimed at racing in big water where the canoe must fit into steep wind chop and waves and have enough volume to keep the big water enthusiast happy and dry.

The short waterline of the V1-R is totally optimized for paddlers who have a high stroke rate, short power zone and a quick return. The waterline is similar to most bump boats being designed in Hawaii, while having an overall tip to tip length that is shorter by nearly a foot. This makes her less susceptable to early pearling and her ridged fore deck sheds water fast.

The aluminum "iako" (outrigger arms) attach to the main hull of the canoe via a receiving hole in the deck. They're fixed in place by depressing a "detent ball" on the side of the iako. The "ama" (outrigger pontoon) was totally redigned as well to handle all conditions and can be adjusted close or far from the main hull by depressing the detent, sliding the iako to the next position and allowing the next ball to pop into place. Adjustments to the pitch of the ama and stability of the canoe can be made by moving the rear detent button up or down into one of three different positions.

On the V1-R, we can install a wide variety of options like; bungees on the fore deck, in front of the steering pedals, in front of the seat, behind the seat and on the aft deck or where ever you want them. We can install hatches in front of the steering pedals or behind the seat in 4 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch diameter openings. We can place a kelp guard in front of the rudder and you can change out the rudder in seconds. You can choose anyone of our several different rudders, each one is optimized for different water conditinos. She has the HUKI adjustable response rudder system, and we can install an emergency steering device so you can steer home even if one cable breaks. She performs best with the rough water ama, even on flat water. A unique fact about the V1-R is that you can use a kayak paddle, if you choose!

19 ft - 10 in LOA (Length Over All), 15 1/8" BOA (Beam Over All)
19 ft - 6 in LAW (Length At Waterline), 12.5in BAW (Beam At Waterline)@ 190 Lb. paddler
22.5 Lb. fully assembled main hull (Vac'd Carbon/Kevlar)

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