HUKI S1-R Unlimited Class Racer for Intermediate paddlers: Redesigned in 2012

Originally designed and shaped in early 2005 by Jerry Montgomery with computer aided techniques developed here at HUKI, the HUKI S1-R was redesigned in 2012. I wanted to develop a ski with even more stability than our S1-X, S1-X Special, S1-XL and S1-A. I wanted a big bump boat that wouldn't toss me off in a messy sea. Something that would surf and maneuver better than other surfskis in its class. We achieved that with our original S1-R and improved on that with the redesign in 2012. The result is the new HUKI S1-R that satisfies very experienced paddlers and intermediates alike while being stable enough for novice padders in flats.

The 2012 HUKI S1-R has been restyled with beveled gunwales, a sharp peaked ridge on the fore deck, and a 'V' in the fore hull. All previous options are still available and then some. There are more storage options for multi-day endurance race/touring and river running. The S1-R now has a lower stem and fore body than the original S1-R and the gunwales are lower with a narrower catch zone. The HUKI S1-R has plenty of secondary stability with as little loss in flat water speed as could be calculated into its 19.5 foot waterline. The increased stability will come in handy for those advanced paddlers who want more confidence in the big mixed waves, especially while training alone. This secondary stability will also benefit entry level and intermediate paddlers who want to reach a high competence level quickly. This stability combined wit the lowered seat rim will make it easier for fallen paddlers to remount. The S1-R makes it easy to cross-over from outriggers and touring/recreational kayaks to a high performance surfski.

The S1-R carves face better than any other surfski on the market, allowing you to surf a diagonal so well you'll giggle as you skim along. Straight down faces, you'll notice she doesn't pearl easily and rises fast when she does. Her rudder will stay in the water, even in the super-steep-stacked tidal stuff. In tall-nasty-slop this is the ski you want to be in. She'll go to weather faster than her competition and will track better as you rock over crests. She is clearly faster in flats than many 17 inch wide surfskis.

Our rudders play a big part in the agility of our surfskis. We offer six different thru-hull rudders, and each will change the handling so significantly that you would think it was a different surfski. Interchanging between thru-hull rudders takes 15 seconds and does not require any tools. The S1-R has the HUKI adjustable response rudder system that is only found on Huki paddle craft and that allows you to adjust how responsive the ski will be to the push of the pedal. The kick-up rudder is a fantastic addition to the S1-R. It will mount onto the transom with a pull pin, and extension cables will join to the standard cables with the clevis pins that come off the thru-hull rudder's yoke. Conversion from thru-hull rudder to kick-up will take about a minute without need for any tools.

The cockpit is available in two sizes, wide and narrow. In narrow you have a smaller seat bucket, footwell and heel plate. In the wide size, not only are the seat well and footwell wider, but the heel plate is both taller and wider. As a result, we can fit slighter framed and large framed people quite well, and both types will be able to hang their legs over the sides very comfortably on the newly restyled gunwales. Another benefit of the lowered seat rim is the ability to spill excess water if the cockpit gets flooded.

On the S1-R, the cockpits have the wide foot-wells and heel-plates and medium seat-wells that successfully fit small to medium-sized backsides & some wider-sized pelvises. You can wear most sandals or booties, and self-bailing foot-well drains come standard. We can install bungees on the fore-deck and aft-deck, in the cockpit, or wherever wanted. We can place stow hatches at both ends of the cockpit, as well as under your knees where you can place your water system, among other things, for easy access while on the water. For those paddlers who need to store large items, we can install much larger hatches than the three sizes seen in our website... Just email to ask about other hatch options. We can install a variety of custom items like recessed handles, external handles, anchor blocks for mounting lights, cameras, or hook loops. We can also create eye holes through the stem and stern for end ties.

The S1-R is available in a variety of constructions for paddlers' particular needs. We offer open-ocean racing constructions that are super light and stiff. We have everything from recreational constructions to log-hopper and even rock-hopper constructions for river racers and adventure racers. Finally, we can modify any of our constructions to better suit your desires for lightness, durability and price.

19' 11" LOA (Length Over All), 18.5" BOA (Beam Over All [wide])
Weights include 4" rudder:
22.5 Lb (PremVac'd Carb/Kev)
24.2 Lb (PremVac'd Carb)
25.5 Lb (PremVac'd Fiberglass)
24.5 Lb (PremVac'd Fiberglass with Carbon cockpit and mid hull upgrades)
6" & 5" stow w/bag adds .75 Lb.... 4" adds .5 LB.
Printed Fabric inlays add between half a pound and two pounds, depending on size.
Adjustable foot well system comes standard.
Available in any color or combination of colors, Huki lettering is standard.
Custom built to order in our California factory. Other options may add ounces


This is my testimony for the new 2012 S1-R. I hope it can be of some use. I am an intermediate paddler who trains and races on Oahu. Four and a half years ago, on a 2005 S1-R with 3-5 feet seas I set a personal best on my local 9 mile downwind of 8.9 mph (61.0 min). Numerous subsequent attempts on both the [popular competitor's brand] and the 2007 S1X-Special failed to better this mark. Just over a week after receiving the new 2012 S1-R I took it on this run (again on 3-5 feet seas) and set a new personal best average speed of 9.2 mph (58.7 min). This is over a 3% improvement!

When you pearl, the new 2012 S1-R frees much easier than either the 2005 S1-R or the 2007 S1X-SP. This caused me to carry more hull speed which allowed me to select more aggressive lines and link more bumps. The net result was downwind joy and better performance.
Ray C.

The S1-R combines speed, comfort and stability. It is the fastest and most stable 19" wide ski I have paddled. Training in Crescent City can be very challenging. I need a ski that allows me to feel safe when I train alone in the open ocean in the winter. In the rough, my technique has improved. I can feel the runs and concentrate on power, instead of struggling to just maintain balance.
Tom Crakel

Can a ski be too stable? HA! It is great on our slop and chop beam stuff. I found the HUKI R to be most the comfortable of the new age long ski's and what it seem's to love that some ski's do not love is beam paddling in short steep stuff, the rolling over my lap stuff, the ski loves it! I feel, that is one of the fun things to do in a ski and this ski tracks on it great even with a 4" rudder. Waves larger than 2 or 3 ft and you will need the 7" rudder for this and running with the waves.
Joseph Pettigrew

Right on, Joseph. I paddled a borrowed R in last year's U.S. Champs. We were there a couple of days early and it was monster water (compared to my home water). 20 Minutes into the paddle I realized how solid I was and felt giddy as a little kid. I would really love to have an adjustable R around as a guest boat. It's just a great starter ski.
Reivers Dustin

I agree with Josephs opinion. I have raced the S1-R at my first US Champs and was thankful I was in it and not my S1 X. I have since improved my big water skills and am fine in the S1 X Special now. I have friends who have the S1 R and keep up just fine with their paddle buddies in the S1 X as they are more comfortable. It is a great all around ski, one that anyone can have fun in. And yes...Jude has hands on with all that are built in the US at his shop in Sacramento. Cool new colors and designs too....
Kathleen P.

Joseph.....I use to own both an S1-R and and S1-X until last September when I was introduced to the S1-X Special. The S1-R was my favorite boat for big water or doing long distances. Between the X and the R, I got my highest speeds surfing with the R. This was probably because the stability of the boat allowed me to get a little more reckless when traveling down the face of a wave. After I bought my S1-X Special, I was blown away by the fact that the Special could carve on a wave like the R, only faster. I quickly set some new downwind speed records with the Special so I sold my R thinking that I no longer needed it. I love the Special but I find that I long for the R when the waves get steep or the frequency is high. The R is not a flat water racing boat but can hold its own when going up or downwind. I wish that I still had my R and will most likely acquire another one within a year. As I have said to other paddlers, The R is probably the best all-around boat available
Larry Goolsby

In the waves, that is when the R comes alive. This boat is a lot of fun to surf, it turns on a dime, screams down the waves, and acts like it is at home. I have had the R out in the Puget Sound in 35 knot winds and had the time of my life. The R made me understand why everyone likes downwind paddling so much.
Shaun R.

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