HUKI S1-Z Unlimited Class Flat Water Racer:

Huki continues to be at the cutting edge of modern surfski concept and design, the S1-Z has the narrowest waterline of any surfski in the world. She is intended to provide better glide than an Olympic K1, while maintaining more stability and rough water performance than K1's. The S1-Z is more stable than many Olympic K1 trainers. Developed in the summer of 2010 by Jude Turczynski for surf ski paddlers who want maximum speed and minimum drag for long distance races (distances greater than 1500 meters) where conditions are expected to be less than one meter. The S1-Z has speeds equal to Olympic K-1's after about 1500 meters, but excels at longer distances and does all this with stability levels equal to many K1 trainers (stable training kayaks). The S1-Z is designed for lake and river racing, but paddlers have found her so stable that they brave 3ft wind chop. With an S1-Z, you will be better able to maintain high speeds with lower heart and resporation rates in long distance flat water races.

The S1-Z is moderately rockered through out most of the hull, rockered more from the rudder position back so that you can maneuver quite well on waves and on glass. The rudder is located well in front of the pin tail so it keeps the rudder under water in waves. The best three rudders to use with this surfski are our 2.5 inch river rudder, our 4 inch weedless rudder and our 7 inch weedless rudder. The S1-Z is available with only our adjustable single footwell and a medium seat with a lowered ridge between the seat and footwell for better leg pumping. The seat is fluted so that small butts fit better in the bottom and larger butts fit better up the sides. The newly redesigned cockput fits 6ft 5in paddlers on down to school aged paddlers.

The S1-Z has the narrowest catch zone of any other surfski, allowing a full length pull for every stroke. She goes to weather faster than any other kayak or surfski in the world, and surfs small chop equally well. You will be amzed at the level of stability as you make full use of every wave going your way. This surfski is not beyond regional/local top tier paddler skill levels. Most paddlers who can handle a 17 inch (43 cm) surfski, can handle the S1-Z. Reports of speed increases greater than three tenths of a mile per hour over a one hour race have been noted by S1-Z owners, greater improvements can be achieved by mid-tier paddlers.With a Gull Wing mounted on the aft deck, I can paddle this surf ski in unbelievably rough seas.

20' 10" LOA (Length Over All), 16" BOA (Beam Over All)
20' 4" LAW (Length At Waterline) @ full speed, 13.25" BAW for 190 LB paddler
23.8 LB assembled main hull (Vinylester Vac'd Carb/Kev or Epoxy Vac'd Carb/Glass)


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