HUKI S1-A Unlimited Class Offshore Racer:

Introduced in March of 2003, she was designed by John Dixon. Jerry Montgomery built and designed the tooling for production. I (Jude Turczynski) personally built the prototype, first boat from the molds. This blue, black and white surfski pictured on this page weighed in at 18 lbs complete...!!! Though she's hyperlite, she's rock solid, stiff and more durable than most racers built by my best competitors.

The S1-A is 18 feet - 4 inches in Length Over All, and 16 inches in Beam Over All. She's perfect for experienced racers weighing in at less than 150 Lbs and being 5' 11" and shorter. 160 pound paddlers do quite well in the S1-A.

This surfski has all the flat water performance you'll need, and the ability to deal with "stormy, steep chop & rough white caps." she can be maneuvered from crest to crest easily as you look for new bumps.

With the high prow at her stem, her nose will seldom pearl into the back side of the wave in front of you when you're surfing. From there, she has a classic HUKI fordeck, her round crowned fordeck leads to a false bulk head just in front of the steering pedals, where a small stow hatch with fat bag can be installed.

The footwell rests on the bottom of the surfski and we can install a vacuum assisted footwell drain that gets every drop out at half speed.

In the S1-A cockpit, you can wear sandals, booties and even tennis shoes because of her single well design. We can install bungees on the fore deck and aft deck or where ever you want them, and can place a kelp guard in front of the rudder. She has the HUKI Adjustable Response rudder system and can be rigged with five different rudders that cover every kind of water condition on earth.

18' 4" LOA, 16" BOA
17' 11" LAW, 14.8" BAW @ 150 Lb. paddler, Static.
Weights include 4" rudder:
17.9 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Kev)
19.9 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Carb)
21.5 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Glass)
22.8 Lb (Vac'd Glass/Glass)
26.8 Lb (Non-Vac'd Fiberglass)
6" & 5" stow w/bag adds .75 Lb.... 4" adds .5 LB.
Printed Fabric inlays add between half a pound and three pounds, depending on size.
Carbon inlays don't add weight.
Other options may add several ounces


Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 4:46 AM
Subject: HUKI S1-A Surfski
Hi Andy, I thought I'd write you an E-Mail to tell you how much I love my new Huki SA1 surfski. It is the first kayak of any kind that I feel has both good stability and almost unlimited speed for a small paddler. I weigh 140. It paddles most like a Two Good Mako in the way it effortlessly cuts through the water. It has glide similar to the Thunderbolt. It has the unlimited speed potential of the Nelo Moskito. I am now able to go from 8 to 9.75 mph on my speedmate and keep it there for much longer than my Thunderbolt, my Orion, or my ex Soeedster surf ski. If you're 130-150, this is the boat. I love mine. Steve Streng

I did a 6 mile race on sunday, a few hours south of here in the gulf. Took 1st place overall, beat a guy on the olympic developement squad. I let a bunch of people try the ski. everyone loves it. got a cool trophy. a 3 foot hand carved sea turtle out of a tree stump. Love the boat. Andy

Hi Jude,
I won the Pillar Point race today, and in the process broke the course record which had been set by Brent Reitz a couple of years ago. 51:30, average speed was 7.48 MPH. That's the fastest speed I've had in a race on a Surf Ski. The only times I've been faster are in my Hawk K-1, 7.75 MPH on extremely flat lakes. Susan won her class in the Nimbus Classic today also [in her S1-A]. Tony Mueller tried it out, really likes the boat (he used the word Perfect!) John Dixon

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