S1-X Special

HUKI S1-X Special
Newly released in April of 2012

With our newly redesigned HUKI S1-X Special, I wanted to fill the needs of those elite paddlers who have requested more volume in the S1-X to attack extreme and challenging big waters.

Three Videos below of Carter Johnson in the Gorge on the new S1-X Special !


I redesigned the crown of the foredeck to part and shed water much faster and lowered the stem of the bow to reduce windage, not worrying about water reaching the deck or stay on it. We increased the volume of the fore body by lowering the seam more than 2 inches and raising the crown of the deck to a very steep ridge that increased 1 foot from the tip of the nose to knock off any water that pearled over the top. We widened the beam above the waterline at that one foot mark, also to increase volume to float that nose up if it did pearl. We placed a sharp V bottom in the fore hull to allow pearling water that travels in a downward direction over the deck to come back together at the bottom of the hull smoothly without any turbulence and thus reduce downward drag. I moved the cockpit back one inch to magnify the increased forward volume. All of the above changes have enabled many paddlers to try to burry that nose into the back side of tall-steep wind chop swells without diving. Everyone brags about how she can't be pearled long or deep, and how she keeps her forward momentum.

I narrowed and cut deeper the bevel in the gunwales so that the paddler's fist and blade will fit even closer to the hull at the catch and carved out a bevel in the side of the deck combing just in front of the cockpit to narrow the entire catch zone, so you can now slice the blade in even closer than the previous S1-X Special to get a greater extension and longer pull. We were the first to narrow the catch zone so much among today's manufacturers, and have now taken it farther again. The gunwale height has remained the same as the previous S1-X Special. I lowered the sides of the seat half an inch for easier remount and faster bailing should water flood the cockpit when cresting. Our new seat accepts a wide range of hip bones and allows the paddler to lean farther back and is guaranteed to reduce rub. The rise between footwell and seat well has been lowered by 2.5 inches and contoured to thighs to allow much better leg drive and clearance for those who like their knees low. The adjustable single footwell is now the only footwell option. It's wider and allows for a wider and taller heel plate to fit bigger feet. A foam kit is available to take up the unused space and preventing the bath tub effect.

I kept the rudder position as it was to insure grip when other surf skis loose rudder contact with water. I refined the hull shape in very slight ways to improve the planing surface and glide and to improve it's ability to carve. We lowered the seam of the aft body closer to the water so we could increase the crown of the aft deck without increasing windage or material weight. We redesigned and refined all ten of our rudders for the S1-X Special that run along new concepts in minimizing surface area, core thickness and trailing edge drag while increasing response in the full range of speeds. I increased the volume and beam of the aft section from the back of the cockpit to the pin-tail transom without increasing the beam at the waterline or overall beam of the boat.

The result is a better surfski to keep paddlers happy and one that will surely stay above water when in extreme and challenging conditions. You'll be able to charge that trough even faster and harder than previous versions of the X-Special without pearling, the new standard for anti-pearl. Dropping into the trough is now even easier and requires less concentration of power, less water-reading skill and less boat control...way easier to drop-in. The tail won't drop like other surfskis when cresting. Holding a diagonal without broaching is a cinch and carving full range is now so improved that you'll wonder where we can go from here. Our new nine and ten inch surfing rudders are so much smoother than our previous line of surfing rudders, you'll bank into turns and still be able to knock out a switch-back at a moment's notice. Our new seven, eight and nine inch weedless rudders are MORE responsive and they shed the dreaded North Pacific eel grass like it was greased. Waves have far less leverage against foot pressure with the ZERO STRETCH marine stainless cable system...no sluggish response when speeding down waves. We set the standard again with the redesigned S1-X Special and are hammering out the direction for the new era in modern offshore racing surf skis and kayaks.

21' LOA, 17" BOA
20' 9 " LAW, 15.6" BAW @ 180 Lb. paddler, static
Weights include 4" rudder:
22-23 Lb Vac'd Carb/Kev
23-24 Lb Vac'd Carb
26-27 Lb Premium Vac'd Glass
29-30 Lb Standard Vac'd Glass
6" & 5" stow w/bag adds .75 Lb.... 4" adds .5 LB.
Printed Fabric inlays add between half a pound and three pounds, depending on size.
Carbon inlays don't add weight.
Other options may add several ounces


...We have had storm after storm pass through and on almost every windy day I have been out in the Special. Morris and I made a trip to the open water at Westport last weekend and I think it convinced him that the Special is special. Heather and Tracy put on a Women on Water (WOW) clinic today and had 60 women rsvp for the chance to try out a surfski. Heather said that the Special was the biggest hit with the ladies.
Larry Goolsby

...I love my new S1-X Special! Dramatically better surfing - the rudder really sticks to the wave and the bow has much less tendency to dive. Dramatically drier ride going into weather also, even with beam chop. People stop, stare and ask questions all the time, even more so with the new boat's great gel coat job. Thanks!
Mike McNulty

...I received my ski yesterday and I must say that I am very impressed with your work. You can tell that you guys really care about what you are doing. After buying so many things that didn't meet my expectations, It's nice to have something like this arrive.
Greg Penn

...I've owned a number of different skis, but for the conditions we have in the Pacific NW, the Special is flat-out the fastest, most stable and most maneuverable ski I've come across. It surfs like a dream, and its ability to cut back and forth across waves is outstanding.
Simon Brownlie

This boat felt like the R in big water only it was way faster. Suddenly I was able to carve waves again and I was breaking speeds that were above any that I attained in either the R or the X. The Special had a secondary stability that was so solid that it gave me the confidence to paddle as hard as I wanted in any conditions. My big test came about 12 days ago when 3 of us went out to Westport on a really stormy weekend and paddled the open water. I was tempted to take the R but Joost frowned on that and I took the Special instead. I felt really solid amoung those large swells and high winds. For the first time in my short paddling career, I was able to be in really mixed up water and apply full power to my stroke. After, I have been out in the bay with winds up to 50 mph and loving it.
Larry Goolsby

Hey Jude, just want to thank you for the Special, it is awesome! We did a down winder yesterday in 25 kts with a small 3-4 ft swell which was quartering the whole way and the boat was so solid and tracked perfectly. I had a blast and am really impressed.
Mick Handley

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