Tandem Outrigger Canoe

Developed & designed by Jude Turczynski and Wayne Kocher in the Spring of 2009, V2-X is a high volume all conditions two person canoe that out runs the V2-Z on the flats and has enough volume for a variety of paddlers and conditions. Wayne Kocher shaped her from a V2-Z, moderating the rocker and boosting volume at all critical points by increasing the beam (width) by one inch and raising the gunwales along the cockpits and aft deck. Wayne placed a pair of low set cockpits with high supportive side walls like those found in the newly redesigned 2009 V1-X that he shaped earlier this year. The lower rear cockpit allows a lot more clearance for the rear paddler to reach under the front iako. Wayne placed a water parting ridge along the entire fordeck so pearling is limited to short events.

Although the original V2-Z is widely known for surfing equal to one-mans, the new V2-X out does her in big choppy seas. The moderated rocker runs the flats faster than the earlier V2-Z and makes her surf better too, keeping her nose down longer when teetering on the crest so you can get in the extra seconds of downhill position in order to connect waves or salvage one. With the extra volume, heavier paddlers will feel more at home on this canoe. Her foot rests are in a much more relaxed angle and the footwells offer more ankle and calf room than our previous V2-Z.

We can build her in non-vac'd Fiberglass as light as 45 pounds fully rigged, or we can build her in Vac'd Carbon/Kevlar in as little as 36 pounds fuly rigged. We use foam core in all our Vacuum Molded OC-2 (two person Outrigger Canoes) and we also have several other constructions available for a variety of combinations of durability, money savings and all out racing. We can outfit her with the widest variety of options found nowhere else in the world on Outrigger Canoes. She can be outfitted with Dual Steering positions (pedals in front and pedals in back) or just one set of steering pedals where ever you want them. We can install bungees behind each seat for bulky gear, in front of each seat for water and nutrition systems, in front of each cockpit for more storage. We can place three sizes of hatches in front of the front cockpit steering pedals and/or three sizes of hatches behind the rear seat. We can reinforce the outer seam and anywhere else you request. We have about a dozen different rudders available, each one changeing the performance all together and aiming its peak performance towards any particular water condition. She comes with our Stubby Transport Iako Set for rigging the ama above the cockpit so you can more easily cartop and store her. Available with sliding track foam seats, or velcro down standard seats, or custom fitted seats that fill the whole seat platform.

She is so stable, you won't believe it. Huki OC-2s have dominated the Catalina Challenge for a decade, taken first OC-2 & First Over All at the Kauai Challenge for two consecutive years, and this new model will keep us on top against our competition.

LOA 24' Length Over All -BOA 18" Beam Over All
Static waterline length w/ 450 lb payload 23ft 5in
Ama LOA 8'

Weights include ama and iako set:
38 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Kev)
38 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Carb) "Double Carbon"
39 Lb (Vac'd Carb/Glass) "Carbon"
46 Lb (Vac'd Glass/Glass)
50 Lb (Non-Vac'd Fiberglass) "Glass"

6" & 5" stow w/bag adds .75 Lb.... 4" adds half a pound.
Printed Fabric inlays add between half a pound and three pounds, depending on size. "Some" fancy paint jobs could add weight.
Second steering station adds 2 pounds.
Carbon inlays don't add weight.
Other options may add several ounces.

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