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Rudder Shaft for most Hawaiian/N. American Built Canoes


HUKI rudder shaft specifically designed to fit almost all Outrigger Canoes, kayaks, surfskis and SUP that have a quarter inch square hole in the yoke (T-Bar). Fits all Kamanu Composites canoes such as Pueo and Kaimana. Fits all Hawaiian built Kai Wa'a canoes such as Pegasus, Scorpios, Scorpios XM and Scorpios XS. Fits all Outrigger Connection OC-1's and OC-2's such as Viper, Stingray, Osprey, Zephyr, Fusion, Fuse and the 22. Fits all Hawaiian Designs by John Martin. Fits all Kia Kaha canoes. Fits all Tiger Canoes. Fits all Wave Blades. Fits all Kaku by John Puakea designs such as Kaku Elua and Kaimana. Fits most American Surfski and kayak designs.

Unlike the HUKI hexagon yoke system, this shaft has a square head to fit any 1/4 inch square hole in a yoke(T-Bar at the top). Made of marine stainless steel for corrosion resistance and superior strength. Comes with one flat plastic thrust washer, one Stainless lock washer and one 1/4 inch thumb nut knob.
This shaft comes uncut and unbent so that you can make your own rudder blade and fit it to your own paddle craft. Simply determine how long the shaft needs to be and where to place the bend, then cut and bend it yourself. MAKE YOUR OWN RUDDER BLADE DESIGN by laminating fiberglass to it and shaping it yourself.

  • fits 5/16 inch (8 mm) diameter thru tubes, 0.308 in dia shaft
  • 12 inches long
  • Top is threaded with 1/4 inch coarse American thread
  • Top thread is 1/2 inch long
  • Yoke fitting is square 0.25in sq(fits 1/4 inch square)
Order this shaft by itself, or call to have one of our high performance rudders made with it.

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