Huki offers full range repairs and custom modifications to all brands of paddle craft, as well as all kinds kayaks, rowing shells, sculls, surfboards, human powered vehicles, OC-6, sailboats, powerboats etc. We repair Carbon, graphite, Kevlar, Fiberglass, polyester, vinylester, epoxy, vacuumed, hand laid, infusion and all other types and materials.

We can adapt our Gull Wing, ama, iako system, rudders, bungee systems, handles, hatches and other accessories to almost anything. We can provide a free "Guesstimate" from pictures. We provide free written estimates when we can look over the damage in person.

We frequently pickup and deliver anywhere in the continental US by a monthly specialized boat carrier. Most folks in Northern California bring their boats to Sacramento. I personally pickup and deliver in Southern California during my twice monthly delivery trips which frequently coincide with race events. Pickup and delivery is extra.